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I ordered some blouses on 3/1 and need them by 3/12. I chose the "ship to store" option because normally it's faster.

Then I read where it might take up to 14 days to get it to one of their stores. WTF?! Is this 1999 order by catalog service, or legit online shopping? I need the blouses for a wedding on the 14th.

Torrid has stores all over America, but the worst customer service and poor shipping. When I asked about the order on FB, the dumb *** rep replied to "order it 2nd day shipping if I need it by 3/12". It was already ordered! I am not paying $23 (or whatever rip off price) for poor service and so someone with a low IQ can pretend to help me.

If they haven't arrived at the store by 3/12, it's going off of my credit card asap. Torrid can figure out their own mess.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of torrid shipping service. Torrid needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Or golly gee willikers, march down to the store and buy a blouse there. You would have saved yourself the hassle.


Let's just talk Torrid nasty and rude disrespectful customer service after a placing a order with them online and waiting 10 days to get a tracking number that is invalid everytime you go to track it so I calls customer service and sit on the line for about 5 mins which wasn't the problem when the customer service rep fianally got on the line she played the game as if she couldn't hear me and my phone was breaking up I'm on my house phone and could hear a pin drop I hear other reps in the back ground talking and laughing like they thought what she was doing was funny she kept repeating it over and over as if she was some type of voice recording okay so After that hung up and call back some guy name Robert took my call he decide to hang up on me and fianally I get a rep on the phone that was half way descent but she still couldn't tell me why my order hadn't arrived so I asked for corporate telephone she tells me that they don't have a corporate number to give customers but we spend hundreds of dollars on these over priced clothes that you all sell and when we have an issue or even being treated rude and disrespectful there's Is no one that you can call and report your issues to this big company doesn't have any probl control to better there service I fell to believe that but hey after dealing with this nasty customer service it wouldn't darken my life if I never walked into another Torrid ever again it's one thing that we are dealing with the fact that they are clearly over pricing plus size women clothing but to have a probl and have to call and deal with *** customer service No Thank You I'll pass !!!

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